Closure of our shop, Ayrshire Gifts an’ a’ That:

After an extraordinary year, our High Street gift shop has been closed. We opened it as a pop-up shop at the end of August 2014, for the sale of Robert Burns related National Trust for Scotland stock and a dazzling array of crafts from our talented Ayrshire crafters. It was unique on the High Street, and with almost 50 crafters displaying their carefully created wares, there was lots for visitors and residents of Ayr to choose from. It was staffed by a wonderfully dedicated team of volunteers, who painted, managed, staffed and maintained the shop as one of the most attractive in town.

Why close it? Well, it actually stayed open longer than was intended, and there were a whole range of reasons why it was time to bring the project to a close. So many thanks to our volunteers, the many staff from Robert Burns Museum who gave so much help, support and guidance, and of course to the many customers who visited the shop and made it a success.


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