Burns Supper in the Cottage

In the summer of 1801 a select party of the friends of Robert Burns proposed
to dine in the cottage of his birth, and to offer a tribute to the memory of
departed genius.

This first known Burns Supper was held in the cottage in July 1801 on the
fifth anniversary of the death of Robert Burns. It was agreed that the event
should take place annually on the date of birth of the poet. The suppers
were held in the cottage until 1809 after which the venue moved to the Kings
Arms Hotel in Ayr.

The Friends of Robert Burns Birthplace Museum reintroduced the Supper to the
cottage on 25th January 2016 and continue to do so, always endeavouring to
have a direct descendent of Robert Burns present.

We have 24 guests, each paying £250, and through kind sponsorships, mainly
from NTS, the 2020 Supper has raised £7,000 which has been donated to the
Cottage Appeal.

We regard this as the world’s foremost Burns Supper, in the cottage of his
birth and on his birthdate. We have had guests from the USA in the west to
Germany in the east.

Hugh Farrell





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