Dog Rose


Botanical name: Rose canine

Common names: Dog rose


  • Thorny climber with curved spines. Weaves in between other shrubs and uses them to support its growth. Found in hedgerows, woodland edges and on scrubland
  • Leaves: 2-3 small leaflets.
  • Flowers: Large pink or white 5 petalled flowers. Appear in June-July
  • Fruit: Bright red oval shaped hips (15-20mm) form in small clusters. each hip contains many seeds.
  • Hips appear in autumn. More vitamin C in hips than in oranges and were used to make syrups, tea and marmalade
  • Hairs inside hips are an irritant extracted to make an itching powder
  • Nectar in flowers important source for insects. Fruits are eaten by birds

Dying Properties

  • Colour: Pale pink Blue-grey (iron mordant)#
  • Parts used/Foraging Season: Hips, autumn


Poet’s path, across stone wall