Plants and Flowers at Robert Burns Birthplace Museum

Find and identify some of the plants and flowers Robert Burns would have known as he played as a wee boy at the back door of Burns Cottage, Alloway. Take a stroll down the field his father called New Gardens where he grew vegetables, oats and barley and where his mother grazed her dairy cows. Wander through the woodland path on the right and round the pond discovering some of plants that were used to create natural dyes for wool and linen. Then, if you have time, walk or hitch a lift on the buggy to the museum discovering more along the way.

Ana Maria Gonzalez May 2019 – Volunteer


    1. Alder
    2. Blackthorn
    3. Bramble
    4. Buttercup
    5. Comfrey
    6. Common Hawthorn
    7. Common knapweed
    8. Common Sorrel
    9. Cowslip
    10. Cuckoo-pint / Lords and ladies
    11. Dandelion
    12. Dog Rose
    13. Elder
    14. Goat Willow
    15. Goose grass
    16. Herb Robert
    17. Hogweed
    18. Ivy
    19. Lady’s Smock
    20. Nettle
    21. Oak
    22. Oxeye Daisy
    23. Ribwort plantain
    24. Rowan
    25. Silver Birch
    26. Spear Thistle
    27. Vetch
    28. Yarrow
    29. Dying Information Table