Goat Willow

Goat Willow


Botanical name: Salix caprea

Common names: Goat willow, Pussy willow, great sallow, European pussy willow, French pussy willow


  • Leaves: 3-12cm long and 2-8 cm wide; broader than most other willows
  • Flowers: soft and silky; silvery 3-7cm catkins produced in early spring before new leaves
  • Male and female catkins on different plants. Male catkins mature yellow at pollen release and female catkins mature pale green.
  • Great for wildlife.
  • Grows in wet/damp environments.
  • Both tannin and salicin (analgesic and antipyretic properties) can be extracted from the bark.

Dying Properties

  • Colour: Orange-Black. Salix alba gives an orange colour when extracted from leaves and bark. Need to be confirmed with goat willow.
  • Parts used/Foraging Season: Leaves, stems, bark (black colour). All year


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