Botanical name: Sorbusaucuparia

Common names: Rowan,Mountainash


  • Mature trees can grow up top 15m and live for up to 200 years. Bark is smooth and silvery grey
  • Leaves: pinnate (featherlike), with 5-8 pairs of leaflets. Each leaflet is long, oval and toothed
  • Flowers: Each flower contains male and female reproductive parts. Flowers appear in dense clusters, each one bearing five creamy white petals
  • Fruits: bright red fruits. Rich in vitamin C. They are used to make jelly.
  • Great for wildlife. Leaves eaten by caterpillars and moths. Flowers provide pollen to bees and other pollinating insects. Berries are a rich source of food for birds in the autumn.

Dying Properties

  • Colour: Pale pink
    Blue-grey (iron mordant)
  • Parts used/Foraging Season: Berries, Autumn


Smallholding and Poet’s path, cottage end.